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Monday, October 10, 2011

All About Frogs and Kids

Tuesday Books
137 W. Grand River
Williamston, MI 48895

Once upon a time in the charming village of Williamston, Michigan, there was a charming bookstore called Tuesday Books, named after, you guessed it, a charming book called Tuesday. David Wiesner's award-winning picture book depicts the amazing story of one "Tuesday evening around eight" when frogs take to the air on lily pads. For a peak into the book via youtube click this link: Tuesday by David Wiesner.  I found the store to be every bit as delightful as the book.

The fun and whimsy of Tuesday is reproduced in the store with stuffed frogs everywhere including a welcoming, giant-sized, seated amphibian. There are other stuffed animals too and even a pair of live birds. With all of this fun stuff and a checkout desk adorned with picture books and buckets of candy suckers, you might get the idea that Tuesday Books caters to children, and you would be absolutely right. Over half of the store is dedicated to children's books. Yes, it's all about frogs and kids at Tuesday Books, and no wonder; the store is owned and run by two teachers and an artist who, incidentally, painted the sign above the storefront. (see picture at the beginning of this post)

It's also all about education and reading at Tuesday Books. What do you expect with teachers running the show? Not only does the store offer a 20 percent discount to teachers and home schoolers, but they also work with local schools to provide book fairs and field trips. Their kindergarten field trip for March is Reading Month is particularly impressive. This cooperative effort affords students a unique experience to get them started on a lifetime of reading enjoyment. A selection of books awaits the little ones when they arrive at the store. An important part of the field trip is when the students are allowed to select one title which they will be able to keep and another copy of the book to give away. Students have a few weeks to learn to read their books. Then during Kindergarten Roundup in April, the kids read and present their books to next year's kindergarteners. The teacher/librarian in me loves this.

Of course there are other items available for purchase beyond picture books, a large selection of greeting cards, for example. There is even a small selection of used books offered at $2 for hardcover titles and $1 for paperbacks. Patrons receive half the used selling price in store credit for previously read books they bring in. I made two purchases at Tuesday Books. An interesting collection of "banned books" bracelets caught my eye, each made up of tiny depictions of book jackets from titles such as The Color Purple, Huckleberry Finn, and one of my favorites, To Kill A Mockingbird. In addition to the bracelet, I felt I had to own a copy of the store's namesake, so even though my son is well beyond picture book age, I bought a copy of Tuesday for myself. With absolutely stunning artwork, it makes a great coffee table book.

Tuesday Books definitely lives up to the charm and whimsy of its namesake book. If you are ever in the area of Williamston, Michigan, I highly suggest that you check out this delightful shop. It's fun for kids of all ages.

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Fun Place! My kids would love it.