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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spectacular Hong Kong, Part I

Last December my husband learned that he would be going to China on a business trip. Now since I have retired, I am available to travel. And since I had an as-yet-unused passport, and since one plane fare was already covered, and since he would be travelling on our anniversary, and since February in Michigan is the longest month of the year, breaking it up with a trip seemed the appropriate thing to do. So my husband arranged to take a brief vacation in Hong Kong with me before going on to China for work. What's more, he agreed to accompany me in my quest for Hong Kong bookstores.

Internet research had armed me with the names and vague locations of several bookstores to visit, so on our first day out in the city we were able to hit the ground running. As it turns out, we didn't have to run very far. One of the shops on my list, Dymocks, was apparently located in Windsor, the high-rise building across the street from our hotel. So after a hearty breakfast, we headed over to have a look. It took a few minutes to find the right floor and locate the shop only to discover that the store had closed. Struck out on our first attempt. What a disappointment.

Undaunted, my husband suggested that we try another one on my list that appeared to be within walking distance, and off we went again. This shop, BooKanZen Children's Bookshop, proved to be more elusive as it was an upstairs shop with no sign at ground level. With map in hand, we wove our way through the streets of Hong Kong busy with pedestrians, taxis, and double-decker busses and trolleys. Once we found the street we were looking for, it took a few trips up and down the block to finally locate the bookstore. Unfortunately, we struck out yet again. This shop was also out of business.

Over 15 hours on a plane to get to this marvelous city and a couple of hours so far on foot with no results. Was this an indication of what my trip held in store? Would I ever find a bookstore in Hong Kong that I could actually visit? I was beginning to wonder.

See Hong Kong, Part II.

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