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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Cool Book Things

London, Summer 2012

While the 2012 London Olympics garnered worldwide interest, another less publicized but no less amazing feat was occurring in the same city. Brazilian artists, Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo, created a labyrinth, not from brick, not from stone, not even from corn. No, this maze was created with books, a quarter of a million books to be more precise. The idea for the aMAZEme exhibit came from Argentinian writer and educator, Jorge Luis Borges, and was assembled in the shape of his fingerprint. It certainly did aMAZEme.

For a full story about this installation as well as a time-lapsed video of its creation, visit The Guardian online here.

For more pictures of the maze, see an online Washington Post article here.

Lighted River of Books

Another stunning display of books was created in Melbourne, Australia, for its Light In Winter festival. Created on the sidewalks and streets of Melbourne with 10,000 discarded books, the installation literally stopped traffic. The books were lit with LED's creating an illuminated river in the city.

The work of Spanish art collective, Luzinterruptus, the river of books was a fitting tribute to the Light In Winter theme of reading. To see some striking pictures of the installation, visit the Luzinterruptus web site here.

For an article about the installation, click here.

More proof that books are beautiful things!!

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