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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cottage Book Shop Update

Current owner, Barbara Siepker
Okay, so it was more like two weeks than two years since my last visit to the Cottage Book Shop. But I wanted to actually meet the owner, I wanted to find out more about how the historic cabin was moved from its original location, and I really wanted one of those bright yellow shirts that boldly asks, "Got Books?" So once again I made the two-hour drive from our cottage to Glen Arbor. Just so you know, it's a beautiful drive, so other than the cost of gas, this was no sacrifice on my part.

I was in luck. On this visit Barbara Siepker, the owner, was in and was happy to share a few moments of her busy life giving me more information about the shop, in particular the details of how the cabin was moved. I learned that the structure was originally built on the shores of Glen Lake in the 1920's. Although the move to Lake Street in Glen Arbor was only about a mile, it was nevertheless quite a production. Steel beams were placed under the cabin and the entire structure was lifted allowing wheels to be rolled underneath. The whole kit and kaboodle, including its flowering window boxes, was towed down the street with Barbara and many local residents walking alongside.

Even Barbara's car is quaint and charming.
There was some speculation as to whether or not the whole thing might end up as one giant pile of Lincoln Logs. "We had to replace the bottom row of logs," Barbara told me, and that was the extent of the damage. Of course, the plumbing and electrical systems had to be updated and other mechanical and heating issues addressed. Beyond these and other minor updates, the cabin remains as it originally was. What once was a bedroom is now the children's room. The main area of the shop inhabits what once was the living area. And cookbooks line the wall just outside the original kitchen. Kudos to Barbara for preserving this rustic piece of Americana and turning it into a great little bookstore. I can't think of a better use for this charming cabin.  

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