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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Movin' On Up

Between the Covers
106 E. Main St.
Harbor Springs, MI 49740

"Don't judge a book by its cover." We've all heard that expression. It's not what's on the cover, but what's between the covers that's important. Last summer I had the pleasure of finding what's between the covers in the charming town of Harbor Springs, Michigan. Of course I'm talking about a bookstore called Between the Covers. (See Delightful Book Cellar.) At the time of my visit, the shop occupied a small basement space, and the owner was hopeful of eventually moving up to street level. Well, it looks like she got her wish. The store has moved to new digs, so I naturally had to take a drive up north to have a look.

Maggie Kane manning the desk
In a couple of ways the new store is very familiar. The same small sign hangs over the new entrance now on street level, and the same red banner declares the store "open." But there the similarities end. The new storefront has large windows flanking the double door. Yes, you can actually see into the shop from the sidewalk. In front of one window is a bistro table and chairs where passersby might sit a spell and read the upcoming special events posted in bright print on a nearby blackboard. Author visits and special events are pretty common at the new Between the Covers. I had actually just missed a book signing that very day.

Unfortunately, I once again missed meeting the owner of the store, Katie Capaldi. I was warmly greeted instead by Maggie Kane who was manning the store for the evening. Maggie, a student at St. Mary's College, is just in her first summer working at Between the Covers, and her enthusiasm for the store is apparent.

Aside from the street level entrance, the most notable difference in the new space is space. There is much more of it. There's space for a cozy arm chair in one window. There's space for a larger children's area, more space for special displays, and even enough space for a big, comfy couch and a large coffee table.

The bright and welcoming store, just a few doors down the street from the previous location, now inhabits what Maggie informed me was once a bank. The old stone basement walls and somewhat cramped feel of the former location have been replaced by exposed brick walls and high ceilings.

All of the charm of the old Between the Covers has been retained and expanded in the new street-level shop. The old store was a "Delightful Book Cellar."The new store has moved up out of the cellar, but is every bit as delightful. I wish Katie well in the new location. Hopefully someday I will actually get to meet her.

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