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Saturday, October 11, 2014

I Got Used Again!

Booked for the Season
8 N 7th Street
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Last summer I got used in Pentwater, Michigan. Used books that is. The brainchild of Timothy Lux, Booked for the Season was my first encounter with the unique concept of selling used books on consignment. (See earlier post.) Imagine my delight when I learned that there are other Booked for the Season stores. What's more, they are not too far from my home in Lowell. A sunny September day provided the perfect opportunity to make the brief drive to Grand Haven, another lovely Michigan tourist town, in search of an opportunity to get used again.

Friendly store owner and fellow book lover, Sherry Bazuin
Since Booked for the Season is open only for the summer tourist season, I figured September could be my last chance to see the Grand Haven store this year. Happily, I was wrong. I would soon learn that the Grand Haven store is the only Booked for the Season that is open year round.

Upon meeting Sherry Bazuin, the congenial owner of this store, I immediately fell into friendly conversation with her about life, libraries, and of course, books. She grew up in Grand Haven and has always had a passion for books. As a child she says, "My mom and dad used to have to call the library and tell them to send me home." She worked for a time in the local library, and now uses her love and knowledge of books to make reading recommendations to patrons of the store.

At the time of my visit, the store was bustling with visitors. Sherry mentioned that fall is especially busy with retired customers who come in to stock up on reading material to take south for the winter. With a nice selection of reasonably-priced books in good condition, Booked for the Season serves their purposes especially well. The store has many regulars who Sherry says are her bread and butter.

Like the Pentwater store, Grand Haven's Booked for the Season is relatively small, but Sherry likes it that way. She doesn't want to get bigger, and doesn't want employees. She does have some friends who help her out, but she enjoys managing the daily operation of the store on her own.

The shop inhabits a building that was once home to a grave stone and monument business. Sherry jokingly told me that she made sure to check the basement before moving in. What a turnaround from gravestones to books. The space is now warm and inviting, and though the square footage is not great, room has been set aside for a cozy seating area with comfy chairs and even a knitted afghan reminiscent of the ones my grandma used to make. I was pleased to see that there is also a space at the back reserved for children's and young adult titles.

I was privileged to see the back room in the store where newly arrived books await their turn on the shelves and where Sherry does the work necessary to get them there. Every book must be carefully cleaned before it is priced, labeled, and put on the shelf. 

Just like the Pentwater store, the books are sold on consignment. Patrons earn 33% of the sale price in book credit. 

My favorite part of the store, the "back room"
The store has a customer reward program: Spend at least $5 on 5 visits and receive $5 off a future purchase.

I had no problem finding a couple of like-new books to add to my to-read pile. And I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with Sherry. It was nice to get used again at Booked for the Season in Grand Haven. Next summer I hope to get used once more at the Saugatuck store.

Look for Grand Haven's Booked for the Season on Facebook. Here's a link.

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