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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Words of Wisdom Revisited

Cadillac Wexford County
Public Library
411 S. Lake Street
Cadillac, MI 49601

Location! Location! Location! This mantra of the real estate world can often be applied with equal relevance in other areas of our lives. How close is that town to the highway? Is that camp site right next to the bathroom? Is that college near a bus station? Are these seats close enough to the stage? A bad location can ruin something otherwise suitable. A great location can make something mediocre into something good.

A great location can also make something great even better. The Cadillac Wexford County Public Library is a case in point. I was impressed with this library before I ever set foot inside based on two things: the wonderful Albert Einstein quote prominently displayed on the side of the building and the stunning location across the street from a lakeside park. I happened across this library quite by accident last summer and wrote a brief post about it, promising myself I'd return sometime when it was open. So on a sunny day in early October when the glorious Michigan fall color was just starting to appear, I set out on a pleasant drive from our cottage in Baldwin to the town of Cadillac about an hour away.

Before I even entered the building in the middle of the afternoon, I was impressed by how busy the place seemed. Getting a parking spot was no easy task, but fortunately, someone was about to leave as I pulled in. Once inside the cheery space, I was not surprised to find a circulation desk fully engaged with patrons while other library goers browsed the shelves, read or studied quietly in several comfortable seating areas, or worked at computers. The library offers Internet access as well as copying, faxing, scanning, printing, and WiFi.

Barbara Brehm Lakeview Room
The CWPL takes full advantage of its beautiful location. The Barbara Brehm Lakeview Room provides not just a quiet place to read and study, but a wonderful view of Lake Cadillac as well. Another cozy room offers comfy chairs and a fireplace along with large windows of its own.

Tracy Logan, Children's Librarian
Teens have a space designated especially for them, and the library boasts a large and busy children's room. It was here that I met children's librarian, Tracy Logan, who graciously interrupted an active day to talk with me. Earlier that morning she had presided over a group of youngsters ages 0-4 for a music and movement program called Wednesday Wigglers during which an hour is spent in singing, dancing, story time, and play time. About 40 children attended that morning's event.

I was impressed by the scope of library activity for a town of just over 10,000 people. Tracy said the area is very dedicated to early childhood development. That's music to the ears of a retired school librarian.

The Cadillac library is the main branch for the Cadillac Wexford County system which also includes four other branches in neighboring small towns. Built in 1969, the building is actually a new location for the CWPL. Tracy mentioned that the original building, a Carnegie library, was now a historical museum a few blocks away. She said it was unlikely to be open this late in the season, but I thought it would be great to get a picture of the original structure, so Tracy was happy to give me directions.

Across the street from the CWPL
Tracy and everyone I encountered at the CWPL were so friendly and helpful. I'm glad I had the opportunity to visit this bustling library in this beautiful setting. A great location, a great library! But the afternoon was fading, so I set out to find the original old building and get a quick photo before heading back to the cottage. That would turn out to be another story altogether. Stay tuned.

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